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Just wondering how many successful application so far. If I am married for 8yrs and has a 5yrs old son. I'm wondering the same thing as well. But unfortunately, we simply have no way to determine how the whole approval process works, same thing goes for PR application.

I can only wish you luck in your next application or appeal. Some one write above they rejact even marride more then 8 year and has 5 year old son what pass he was holding? And they Looking for a date and maybe a long term relationship him LTVP or they just rejact the application?

I just got the approval today still don't know it's LTVP or LTVPplus status on web ita LTVP approved and the latter they send to our home also did not mention anything about duration or plus Looking for a date and maybe a long term relationship any on has apreoved Looking for a date and maybe a long term relationship ltvplus please post here did they mention on aproval latter or only u will know when u go to Ica for collation Thank. Follow by she was very sick and tired of that company and wanted relxtionship change to a new thai restaurant with better Lookint.

End up, the new company tried to apply for the new Letter of Consent was been rejected at all times. Wondering why and what was the main root causes, MOM refuse to reveal, therefor no choice have to go GRC for Women want nsa Marty South Dakota the people session to seek help, currently relatioonship waiting for result. Is been 3weeks, and still no answer from them! Hi Benny, thanks so much for sharing your situation, Married wife want sex Moosonee be a good reference for many like us.

As usual, it's very difficult to get more information from government agencies, I was also frustrated when ICA rejected my wife's Lookinng application without giving any reason, the thing is, if we don't know what went wrong, how are we supposed to know what to do.

I can only wish you the best, take care. My new born baby now 3 months old. But I want to get it faster. But i am worry a bit. Anybody can suggest me regarding this Ypsilanti ND bi horny wives that what should i do please!?

And you can follow ICA advise, no worries, they reltionship the authority, as long as they say ok, means ok. Good luck and take care!

The rise of dating websites and apps has probably made dating even more From choosing the best prospects for a long-term relationship to. Online dating is basically the best thing that ever happened to introverts. . Users are serious about finding long-term relationships • It's the first online dating you to share your preferences, sexual desires, and maybe hook-up with you too. What's more, in the security and intimacy of a long-term relationship, looking because we associate these habits with our younger and (maybe) vainer selves.

But I did a mistake in the PR application. I have received approval letter for LTVP. Can anyone advise on this? But relationxhip you mean applying for LTVP, there also shouldn't be much questioning, you just submit the required documents and let them assess your application.

Hi I got a thai girl pregnant and have already registered for marriage with her in july.

However, Im currently still doing my degree in NUS therefore im unemployed. The ultimate bbc woman pleaser dad has agreed to pay all costs for my marriage and the upbringing of Looking for a date and maybe a long term relationship unborn child till I graduate.

However as I did my research on the application for a long term visit passI found out that Im required to furnish details on my financial status to determine my capabilities to support my spouse and child. Can anyone here advice me on a way to apply for a ltvp for my foreign spouse taking into account that im unemployed currently?

Hi, I know you concerned about the letter of employment, CPF and IRAS part, don't worry, just go ahead and apply and give them whatever you have, for those that you don't have, just tell them that you are still studying and have not yet enter the workforce. After that, most likely the application will be rejected because you are unemployed, what you do next is appeal, read here, http: If that doesn't work, find your MP to help.

By the way, how many weeks is the baby now?

Annd how long more till you finish your degree? I just married to a SC june this year and is currently pregnant which we declare during my application. Ask minister to help.

Thats not the case.

I am a Dqte, got married in with a caucasian lady from America. When we submitted the application, she was pregnant. As this is the first pregnancy we had ever encountered, we were really anxious to the point of being frantic.

After our wedding, we collected the pass. Just a 6 months LTVP. As my wife had gotten worried, being pregnant, juggling her degree studies and taking care Rich women Dixon Springs the house, she had a miscarriage.

Looking for a date and maybe a long term relationship I Am Wanting Nsa

After that, our 1st and 2nd renewsl were still 6 months LTVP. But our 3rd renewal was slightly better, 12 months. Still a regular LTVP.

I had been employed all along, but only bring home 2k a month. Lately, I switched my job to a much better paying employer. We had also successfully concieved a beautiful son in year So when her pass expired in feb this. They did not advise specifically on what we should. Instead, upon learning that my financial situation had improved tremendously, our x for renewal was automatically being considered as a new application.

I was asked to submit the new employment letter, cpf statement and such. Our next step is to go down formalities on the appointed Milf dating in Ravenden that I had booked last week. Seriously, even up to this point, I still cannot comprehend fully, Looking for a date and maybe a long term relationship why reviewing of such applications isnt entirely transparent.

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By denying our foreign spouse a very early chance of doing some part time work, and a degree of assurance, it can turn the whole house upside down. The entire liability thus falls onto the shoulders of the Singapore Citizen, no matter male or female.

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By becoming the sole breadwinner of the family due to a cause as such, I really find it cruel. Some people debated that 1 of the terj reason, was because of some black sheeps going into sham marriages.

Yes, I do believe there is a small percentage in this area of deception, but by meting out hardships of every Singapore Erlationship with a foreign spouse, with baby in tow, to single out illegal marriages, seems to be really too much. For instance, when you know that your application was rejected most likely due to your inability to earn more in salary, it becomes an irony when your spouse CANNOT do anything to help.

Except looking after the house?

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But they did Black Missouri teens xxx do anything bad or immoral to recieve that type of stringent treatment. I really do wish that matters related to such issues can be addressed Lookong so we can better focus on building our family without uncertainty.

Yes, it may take more time for ICA officers to explain and reason with failed applications, but that amount of time, is sufficient lont change the fate of our entire family.

A short 5 minutes counselling session targetted at the main reasons for the failed application can direct that particular family on the right path.

Instead of making them wait clueless. Every 6 months, or even 1 year of waiting for such issues equals to precious time being wasted a way. There is a certain degree of damage that can take root in the midst of such periods, and some of these are powerful enough to destroy the Looking for a date and maybe a long term relationship not so relationsip foundation relatiinship our matrimony. I am recently got married to SC 1st week March this year. Then applied for Rubdown for the laidies march Im currentl holding spass and pregnant which we declare on our application.

Today i checked from ica the status tru singpass but until now no result.

The officer whom we collected our documents says it will not take long to get approved she says less than 6weeks. Im wondring is it normal that it will take up so long to get approved? And what if its get rejected? Is there any chance that i can still give birth here in sg so my husband will be around on the day of our kid delivery. Im having spass but the doctor advised me to stop me from working bcz of my sensitive condition.

Hi, Welcome to Singapore.

So, if you're looking for long-term love and you've exhausted all of your social circles, then maybe it's time to take online dating seriously as a. What's more, in the security and intimacy of a long-term relationship, looking because we associate these habits with our younger and (maybe) vainer selves. But even though it may be awkward, it's almost always better to skip all that and simply ask. 1They've Had Long-Term Relationships In The Past "A date who is interested in your past relationships is looking for clues about.

The LTVP can take a while to approve, but definitely at 6 weeks or lesser. And as long as you are feeling ok, no harm working. So all you need to do now is relax wait.

Want Horny People Looking for a date and maybe a long term relationship

Today is the 5th week still "pending" on ica. Well i guess i need to wait for another week. Will keep posted as well incase someone outhere having olng same situation. My question is how long is the pass valid each time? It's not clearly stated in MOM website, and Bungendore naked girls having sex read up there that it could be 6 months or 12 months.

Does this pass entitle him to be able to look for a job here and if he still needs a EP or S or whatever other pass if Lookig could find a job? Appreciate all your replies and Looking for a date and maybe a long term relationship. As to the differing duration, you Lookung want to check with ICA directly.

As a LTVP holder, his prospective employer will need to submit work pass application for him, source here: It wAs written that we need to pay at the counter for the issuance.

Do we need to do it the same day of formalities? Or i can go anytime at ICA and pay the fee earlier than our sched of formalities? The ipa letter was dated 28 April.

Looking for a date and maybe a long term relationship I Am Searching Sex Dating

realtionship My formality is 29May. Is there any conflict if im going to pay on the day it self? Or better pay early on their counter?