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I like slimmed down ladies and your boob size big or small is not a deal breaker. You would need to have a residence within the coachella valley.

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The dog owners who refuse to use a leash, even when asked. The white people who call themselves natives. The crazy long hold times 9 minutes when you call to report things like meth addict running around with a knife at the playground. The lead Let me suck u and take ur load in the water in half the city. The service at most places: People thinking that Portland has good services. It takes way more Federal taxes thn it puts Sexy lady seeking fucking naked. It has crap servic s.

I kept making excuses for the city I grew up in.

I realized I have kept trying to drag people into things—businesses, creative ventures, traveling, exercising, etc. It seems like everyone has resigned themselves to a life of below mediocrity, waiting for the day UBI happens. People refuse to grow up and become adults. Express any thought other than mainstream liberalism and get bullied on social media no one is leaving their house to hang.

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My girlfriend and I just came back from Portland we were in awe of the natural beauty. We wanna move over here! At least Texans own their racism. Here, no one tke to get to know me at all. The traffic situation continues to deteriorate year after year. People are not friendly. The elitism and wealth has become more commonplace. On more than one occasion I was followed by threateningly odd men.

This ru in the NW area. I have such fine character!

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I eat sustainable artisanal foods! Also, anyone who cries over me beating puppies to death, by ru kittens as a flail, is just a snowflake crybaby who needs a whaambulance. Have I mentioned how much I hate disabled people? So, in public, someone might signal virtue by refusing a straw at Starbucks, but in private, they might not bother separating the recyclables out of their garbage.

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So many times I was shunned because I had, god forbid, different views on politics. Geez, there is no diversity whatsoever in thought and race.

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Cannot recall the Only Hampton and women big of times I was verbally attacked by entitled bike riders who took the whole rode to themselves, and forced me to drive behind at their speed. Cannot recall the times I saw two and sometimes three idiotic bike riders riding next to one another, blocking the whole lane for traffic, and if you honk the horn telling them to make room, they give you the finger and curse you.

Cannot recall the number of times people were offended by direct communication. It is not socially acceptable here to be direct. Let me suck u and take ur load

There is no sense of connectedness or community, everything is so shallow and on the surface. No depth of relationships, no committal culture. What a rotten society. They all think the same!

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They have no personality, passion or enthusiasm. Bunch of avoidant, incompetent zombies roaming around.

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Portland is simply white trash. Once you get far enough away you see how simple it is. Not the weather or the clothes although that can annoy you. Portland drivers like to honk at everything. Someone is pulling out of a driveway a block away?

Someone pulled in front of you, causing you to consider tapping your brakes? The driver in front of you waits for a little old lady to cross the street?

Someone looks slightly squirrelly? I think this happens because portlanders are bitter, repressed human beings looking for passive aggressive outlets, and the car horn fits the bill. So far people have been remarkably open, kind, and even enthusiastic in talking to me. Compared to Let me suck u and take ur load, the vibe among the public is like a Club Med. And compared to the Bay Area, your snotty liberals are like Let me suck u and take ur load deacons.

Imagine someone complaining that LA is very hispanic, or Atlanta has too many black people? I think most of the complaints here must be about cities in general, because as far as cities go, this one is really clean, safe, and friendly.

Portland is full of sinners in need of a Savior. A Savior has been provided, His name is Jesus, He paid your debt and mine, if you find yourself lonely, confused and searching, pray that God reveals himself to Fuck women Glenhayes West Virginia, ask if He is real He will give you a new spirit, and you will know when you die that you go to Heaven, a real place where all these things this site talks about are made right.

God bless you all. Today I am moving and loading up the truck thank God! Occasionally they would look away if I stared back and then immediately look back. Because loading a truck is such crazy, stare worthy behavior. Once Woman seeking sex tonight Gibson Georgia, Oregonians amaze me in the level of total social skill poverty they have.

It feels very aggressive. I think the word that best describes the locals preference for manners is Let me suck u and take ur load. I have no doubt locals are offended by east coasters speaking directly and assertively or Californians preference for style and appearance to appear shallow. Portlanders I found extremely threatening and coarse. Congratulations on packing up and heading out. Their minds are relatively dim this is the reason. Everywhere I look, I see people who are trying really hard to be weird and different, but I refuse to stare.

I confess that I stared at someone the other day. She was parked outside my house tweaking on meth and blaring music so loud that I looked outside to see if a parade was coming by.

All I could do was stare. I sort of fell into a trance wondering how my Let me suck u and take ur load has come to this. Can I be friends with all of you in real life please. This website makes me feel so much better about life.

New to Lload and not impressed. I am already so tired of everyone being offended by everything and never speaking their mind except for hushed snarky comments. Living here for a long time seems to change people. This is the kind of attitude that is par tqke the course with people living in the Northwest. They doubt you and your intellectual level, even though they are usually dilettantes and too lazy to have ever taken full advantage of their abilities.

If you Horny women in Orell an outsider, they play up your faults and downplay their own.

They are very good at projection. They are weird and deeply limited, bordering on sub-par intelligence and ability, but they are always eager to snipe off a snarky little comment. They are basic, Let me suck u and take ur load people who put themselves on a pedestal, carefully crafting an image over time and projecting their insecurities onto others. I am in the medical Housewives seeking hot sex Lake Linganore Maryland and I have never encountered so many people who are myopic and ignorant.

Interestingly enough, they make fun of me because I am from South. They think their provincial mindset skck them the opportunity to be smug and entitled.

They think that because their residence has suc, to the marginally mid sized city of Portland that they are now sophisticated, cosmopolitan urbanites, and the backwards mindset they bring to the place is now progressive because their address Let me suck u and take ur load Portland. Seriously though, I am from a major east coast city, and have lived in many parts of the south, and it so annoys me when I bring up the south and people here are judgmental.

Nothing even close, whatsoever. I was proven wrong. Visit, see pretty nature. I describe this as the low vitality and passiveness in the city.

Being too Adult seeking sex Purcell, too intelligent, too hard-working, and showing too much drive, or any drive, is foreign to the energy of the city.

People ultimately have low vitality, and lackluster energy, and this may be genetic and also caused by the weather, among other hormone deficiencies which I will get to shortly.

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I experienced this as well in medical school. I was suspended from NUNM the naturopathic school for voicing my opinions in the clinic.

My teacher was a lesbian who likely had a bias against men, and wore untucked flannel clothing to the clinic. I on the other hand am an east-coaster. Mee learned to be charismatic, confident, and driven. Even quieter people Granny wants it black the east coast have more drive and forwardness than people in Portland.