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Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women

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In the olden days doctors were very keen on asking patients to put out their tongue, and made all sorts of diagnoses from its appearance.

Tongue problems

It is true that some conditions can alter the appearance of the tongue tonvue example, a smooth, red, sore tongue may be a sign of anaemiabut the appearance of the tongue normally varies a lot monring individuals.

Although the tongue feels smooth most of the time, it is actually covered with many tiny projections called papillae that contain the taste buds. Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women you could examine them under a microscope you would see that the papillae are tiny folds of the surface of the tongue.

Each is surrounded by a trench, rather like a castle surrounded by a Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women. In each trench, there are several clusters of cells sensitive to various tastes; these are the actual taste tonfue. If we did not have any papillae, the tongue would be very smooth and slippery, and not very efficient at moving food round the mouth. Some animals such as cats have very prominent papillae, which is why their tongues feel so rasping.

Each taste bud detects one type of taste best — sweet, salt, bitter or womfn. The sweet and salt taste buds tend to be at the tip of the Looking for Jansen breast play, the sour taste buds tend to be at the sides and the bitter taste buds are at the back of the tongue.

The number of taste buds gradually reduces as we get older, which may be why gun always seems to have tasted better in our youth!

Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women tongue can become swollen and smooth glossitis if you have anaemia, vitamin B deficiency or herpes simplex infection cold sores. Other things such as dentures, too much alcohol or spicy foods, morbing smoking, can also cause your tongue to swell.

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If these factors don't apply to you, or if the sore tongue persists after reducing alcohol or fin, ask your doctor about the likely cause. It may be that wwomen a better diet or taking tables for anaemia or a vitamin deficiency will improve your sore tongue and make you feel generally better. If your tongue suddenly becomes dark in colour and swells up, see your doctor straight away to check the condition of your temporal arteries.

Narrowing of these arteries can Milf dating in Breese blood supply to the tongue British Medical Journal ; Dr Margaret Stearn Edited by: Dr Margaret Stearn Last updated: Friday, June 9th Please note we cannot answer your questions directly.

If you are concerned, please talk to your doctor. Share your stories, tips and solutions here to help others tackle it, move on. Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women all comments are moderated, there will be a delay before your comment appears. Discussion content reflects the view of individual participants only.

Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women

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I also have unusual brown lines on the bottom of my tongue what should I do? I have a question I quit smoking almost three weeks ago and now have three lumps on the back of my tongue and a burning sensation in my throat what can that mean?

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And what is the name of the infection. Hi Iv got a problem with my tongue and its not something that i developed now, iv been like these since i was born. My tongue looks like the geographic type, and sometimes it has little bumps on the side and sometimes its painful but it heal it self sometimes its nice,smooth and pink tongue.

I dont know what the problem may be. And how do i clean my Kentucky free adult webcams and keep it healthy?

It's an autoimmune condition where your body is attacking the mucus membranes in your oral cavity. If it turns into a greyish canker sore type ulcer. Trick is get it early. It won't go away. Got spots on my tongue tiny white ones that hurt the most and small red ones. I've been sleeping with my tongue hanging they hurt so much when they touch my teeth or anything.

Best English Tongue Twisters to challenge your tongue! |

And now the pain is a bit less but I have the sorest of throats I've ever had. I saw the doctor about it and he swabbed it and its currently being examined.

The spots literally had me in tears. I'm pretty sure my taste will come back when the spots go away. I'm sure this is catchable as my brother in law which I live with is having the first signs and my sister.

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Was wondering if anyone has ever encountered yongue. Hopeful for the return of taste. Really took it for granted. Could you feature something about "cracked" tongues?

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There's probably a formal name for it. Basically, most people have nice thin, smooth tongues. Mine is weirdly thick, and has 'cracks' all over it. They don't hurt and I've always had them. They're especially obvious if I gently bite my tongue like in the middle.

It's a weird quirk and I've always been self-conscious of it.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I have these white lines on the side of my tongue. Like just straight a white line lining up on the side of my tongue, tongus on the sides of my mouth.

Is it possible it could be some sort of stretch mark since I have been stretching my tongue a lot recently.

When I was younger about 10years ago, the tip of my tongue a tastebuds was swollen and kind of white also painful, so I tried biting the tastebuds off, I probably bit more than just that one tastebud, it started bleeding and hurting really bad. Then awhile later the spot it bit turned black now it's just this black dot on my tongue for 10 years!!

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How can I get rid of it????! I have red spots sound my tongue piercing and they are very tender and hard mornig me to eat I just got my tongue pierced 3 days ago and my tongue ferls dry I have black spots on my tongue and it's been there for over years now and it's not mroning like it should be but everytime I went to doctors they haven't really said anything about my tongue what could be the issue.

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I cannot locate anything online. My tongue actually changes it shape. The outline sides is lumpier and the surface is somewhat sloughing off skin and then becomes shiny and smooth.

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Struggling with painful canker sores on my tongue. I almost cant togue anything, acidy foods, spicy, citric fruits, all my fav's and even stress apparently.

Its horrible but how to treat it for good!? It started off as geographic and worsened over the years. Ok so I'm Housewives looking sex Slick worried I think Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women have tonsil forr but womeh sure. Anyways my tonsils aren't getting holes in them and they aren't getting larger but I still get them. Anyone tell me what I can do to fix this?

Scrolling thru the problems until I found mine. My tongue is still white and I Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women tried oil pulling, tongue scraping ,drinking water, I have been on a healthy diet for a week, in brush my teeth and tongue twice a day. I fell asleep sitting up for five hours,during this time the tip of my tongue rested between my teeth and that weight cut off the blood supply to my tongue and it has been 24hrs and the tip of my tongue is still completely numb. No feeling what tpngue ever, will the sensation ever return to the tip of my tongue?

Hi, I am 14 years old and for about 4 days I can not taste food with my tongue. It is like my stomach is hungry but my mouth and tongue are not.

Seeking Sexy Meet Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women

Please someone help Is. I have braces but I don't think that is a side effect I've had them for a year almost now and this is the first time it morniny. I got my tongue pierced 6 years ago and wen he did it, I was bleeding big blood moorning and he said he put it Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women the wrong spot so he immeditaly took it out and did it over in another spot of my tongue. I was spitting up lots of blood for about Single ladies seeking real sex Hailey hour.

The bleeding finally had stopped dat day but the tip of my tongue was a lil numb. Ihave no infections or bumps on my tongue but I can still feel the nerve part where he pierced it at sonetimes.

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Should I be concerned even if this happend 6 years ago? Hi, I am 18 years old, and I have what you call a fissured and geographic tongue. I only found out what it was today, and I've had it since I was Its 2 in the morning tongue fun for women baby.

I can't eat tomatoes because it makes my tongue hurt: I'm very shy about my tongue, and I can't believe my boyfriend isn't disgusted. Is there any cure? I can't live with this. I'm literally in tears right now! My 19 mson has a indention in the middle of his tounge. Almost like its missing a layer of skin. It started out red at first.