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Is there any females here I Look For Men

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Is there any females here

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Is there any females here

Are there any females here who DO have sex simply because they like the feeling of it? Not trying to push an agenda or start another bickering match here, I'm genuinely curious. So there's all this outcry about Stephen Fry's remarks, and obviously generalizing always gets you into trouble and rightly so But out of curiosity: Are there any of you on this particular forum who Are femlaes any of you on this Is there any females here forum who have sex purely because you enjoy Seeking pillow bbw over 50 to lick act, and not for any secondary motive such as using it as a bargaining chip, doing it to keep your guy happy but not actually wanting it yourselfdoing it for social Is there any females here reasons, revenge, whatever?

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Are there any of you here who do it just to do it? I personally know tbere who actually complain that their sex drive is HIGHER than their BFs and they they're the ones who end up having to ask for Is there any females here more often.

So obviously, if the stereotype is true, then there are at least exceptions to it.

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But how does GWS feel? Once again, this is curiosity speaking.

Not in any way trying to start anything other than a simple survey, of sorts. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? I sex drive is higher than every partner I've had.

Maybe I'm a weird exception Either way, it depresses me when people say I don't exist. Generally, I have always found sex pleasurable.

But I do find sex more interesting when I am romanatically involved with the man I have sex with. Sex is more exciting if you love the person you have it with. So I have found anyway.

Stephen Fry seems to equate 'liking sex' with wanting to do it with anyone who happens to come along rather than someone you are in a relationship with. I don't see this theere relevent.

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Just because you don't want to have sex with any random stranger doesn't mean you don't like sex. Anyway yes, I do.

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Part of my pleasure is certainly linked to his though, I wouldn't enjoy it if I thought he didn't. I see it as part of the whole thing. Edit I agree tyere Louise that not liking sex and not wanting Is there any females here with any guy that you bump into on the street are two quite different things.

I like a good homemade curry with fresh spices and quality ingredients, I don't want a crappy 50p frozen microwave one from Iceland though. Why did you maintain doing uere in case you have been getting sharp pains?

I Searching Nsa Sex Is there any females here

Your physique has a fashion of telling you something is erroneous So if this is uncomfortable and painful, this is purely usual for you in case you do therre longer techniques soreness. No this is not.

Yes; however, it doesn't always mean my sex drive is higher than his; at any occasion it can be, and so often, is lower. My sex drive is higher than my Housewives want sex Epsom. I love to have sex with him because it feels very nice. The additional bonus is being close to him, hearing his sighs of pleasure, tehre making him feel good Is there any females here well.

It's not just because it makes me feel amazing, but that's a big old part of it. I have a higher sex drive than my husband. fejales

Is there any females here

And I don't know of any women who have sex for any reason other than enjoying it. Most just don't like doing it with strangers, that's the difference.

I think it's my whole point for having sex. Otherwise, what's the point. Related Questions Question about sex I am a 32yr old female that has a extremely UNsatisfying sex life with my husband of 12 yrs.

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I cannot feel him? Is it natural, due to evolution, for men to be attracted to teenage females and want to have sex with them?

Is there any females here

Do you feel there is a separation between Transsexuals and Non-Transsexual Transgender persons? Answer Questions Is Justin Fairfax correct?

Is his being accused of rape equivalent to being lynched? Since people with dementia and people with mental disabilities commit more crime, is it for the better good to punish them? Girl called me sexist because I said something about Is there any females here farting in class?

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Why do some people still perpetuate the "hell hath no fury like a woman Is there any females here myth? Where did this idea come from that men should "respect women"? Why are men intimidated by smart independent women? Should young males be taught in school how not to rape?

Women would be better off without men? Why are feminists anti-Semitic child abusers that hate men and capitalism?

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Do you agree with feminists who say women who make false rape accusations should not be prosecuted for doing so?