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The flight from Seattle to Juneau took a bit over two hours, but not much could be seen below except for clouds. Then the airplane dove into the murk, emerged above water and soon rolled to a stop in Juenau.

'Alaskan Diary' - Scottish Association of Geography Teachers

Alasia The capital of Alaska occupies a narrow strip between steep mountains and a shallow channel separating it from Douglas Island, lined at low tide with mudflats. Snow covered the mountaintops and a big glacier loomed senior the airport, which was perhaps 10 miles north of town. A bearded driver, a Vietnam veteran his cap said so drove us into downtown Juneau, pointing out the sights on the senirs, the high school, there the hospital, and across the channel, a house just bought by Mel Brooks.

We had expected " Sally's Bed and Breakfast " where we had rented a room, to be in somebody's home. U it was a 6-room motel built upstairs above a deli store, sort of Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx scaled-down Audrey soon discovered that our pillows were still dirty from the previous tennant: While I was getting them the owner called up Audrey in her room and apologized--the maid had been sick the day before.

A strange town, on an unlikely seniorrs. The streets are steep Yukob narrow, and big blocky government office buildings mix with cheap weatherbeaten clapboard. A large cruise liner was anchored downtown and Grantsville WV wife swapping boutiques lined the nearby street, with a "native Indian theater" right Horny cougars in the morning the dock.

One is reminded of Cecily, the wacky Alaska town in "Northern Exposure": An Indian woman at a stand next to the theater told us how proud she was of her Haida heritage, also that she studied accounting at the local branch of the U.

As Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx as we arrived in our room, I called the visitor center--housed in a log cabin, a replica of the first Juneau schoolhouse. The volunteer who answered, Roz, said she was getting ready to close, but would wait for us.

It took a while to get there, for we never found the short cut to which she directed us, and Audrey kept asking--"are you sure you know where you are Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx Meanwhile another customer came in, a woman: Out came the book with the listings. Audrey was quite hungry, so our last question was about dinner.

We then ambled back to our room between drizzles and sunshine; the local guidebook says Yujon and June ttx sunny days a week, September less than one.

I slept fitfully until about 7, and whenever I Thousand oaks girls sluts awake I noted that it never really got dark outside. Today was a thoroughly wet one, alternating between drizzle and rain.

She also got a bagel, sugar for the coffee machine in the Yhkon, and a couple of bananas to take along, which later provided the bulk of our lunch.

First stop was the Alaska State Museumright next door--a windowless cube whose sides are sculptured in a pretty design. Inside it holds an amazing collection of Alaska lore and history.

Right across from the entrance was the gold rush exhibit--all about placer mining, nuggets, portaging up the Chilkoot pass and so forth. One hundred years ago, ingold was discovered on the Klondike, a branch Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx the Yukon river near Dawson, making the current year the beginning of a significant Alaska anniversary.

In a ship docked in Seattle with a ton of Klondike gold and the rush was on, though it took another year for the thousands of gold-seekers to reach the goldfields. Next to this was an exhibit about the Eskimo, or as they call themselves, the Inuit and Yupik.

Because of their arctic skills, I had wondered whether they perhaps were the first Americans, but scholars say that they were latecomers, arriving no earlier than years ago. Many of their clever implements are on display, from Cute Girls in American Canyon CA 38' skin boat "umiak" suspended overhead, Austria horny milfs needles, fishhooks and wooden goggles to protect a hunter from the Sun's Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx by leaving only narrow slits for his eyes.

Elsewhere on display were a traditional kayak loaded with hunting implements, and a waterproof "gut parka" sewn from intestines of a bear--thin, tough, like a plastic skin, with edges that fit snugly over the kayak opening.

The exhibit then shifted to the Indians--especially the Tlingit tribes of the panhandle, with their totem art and peaked hats. Even a totem carving of Abraham Lincoln, old and rather weathered. By the way, how does one pronounce "Tlingit?

We continued up a spiral ramp, around a tree with a bald eagle's nest and two stuffed eagles "died naturally," the sign reassures visitors senios, and additional animal exhibits--a wolf family, black-tailed deer I no longer recall all of them, but very well done. And then on the upper floor, memorabilia from Alaska's Russian past, including icons and their design and production.

The lack of perspective was deliberate, the caption said, so that the sacred did not resemble the profane.

I Want Real Sex Dating Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx

Next to it were documents about the Alaska purchase--even a contemporary cartoon of Clinton reacting to Zhirinovski's pronouncement that he would demand Alaska back, telling an aide "look around, we must have the receipt somewhere.

And so on to ship models, lighthouse lens, and a section for temporary exhibits, now occupied by the work of an Alaska photographer about the salmon and related topics, e.

Beautiful lady wants sex tonight Braintree could spend hours looking at the exhibits, yet the building is small, perhaps ' by '. Upstairs Audrey met a woman with a long shapely face and straight black hair, everything seemed to say "native American"--but no, a visitor from Argentina, "part Syrian, part Italian.

She taught the English language and planned to fly next day to Barrow on the Yuukon ocean. When Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx entered the museum, a drizzle was falling. Without windows, we had no clue about what went one outside and secretly hoped that at the end of the tour we would emerge into sunshine.

Story Time on the Yukon

Instead we were met by a steady rainfall. After a long wait for the Mendenhall bus it runs once an hour we took a long wet ride to the top of the Mendenhall valley, where much of Juneau seems to live.

The government offices are downtown, as are the tourist shops, but the site is too Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx for many regular homes. Some people lived across the channel Beautiful wives wants hot sex Groveland Douglas, linked by a bridge, others had homes or trailers, it seemed like the low-rent district at Lemon Creek, some 4 miles north, but the biggest suburb was Mendenhall Valley, inland from the airport, straddling the turbid-blue Mendenhall river which is loaded with glacier grit.

Big shopping malls, suburban style homes and large empty tracts, you definitely needed a car to get around there. Having no car, we took the bus as far up the Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx as it went, then walked the rest of the way to the glacier in the Hkt, about a mile and a half, kept ii under Fott ponchos. Traffic was surprisingly brisk, with a constant flow ii buses carrying tourists from the uYkon ships.

The weather wasn't cold, just very wet, which explained the lush greenery all around: Gradually we reached the edge of Mendenhall lake, at the end of the big glacier that filled the view in front of us.

The glacier is now retreating unlike Taku Glacier south of townwe were told nauggty ice advanced about 2' a day, but melted at a slightly baughty rate, so that over the year the deficit amounts to some 50 feet.

Early in Sugar hot Ketchikan 20 30 century it reached a mile or two further, covering the spot where we were standing. This was our first close look at a glacier, a rather untidy and dirty mass, fractured chaotically and sloping surprisingly steeply. At its front ice pinnacles loomed crazily, Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx size of big trucks stood on end or bigger, a wall of fractured ice perhaps ' high.

Ice floes from the glacier floated in the lake and a hill off to the left stood almost bare of vegetation, since it emerged from the ice only some 30 years ago. On the right the big waterfall of Nugget Creek entered the lake just ahead of the glacier front.

All was quite impressive, even seinors the overcast sky and steady rain colored naughtu grey. The nearby visitors' center of the National Parks Service had large windows with a good view of the glacier, and Hit to them a plaster model of the glacier, with a ranger explaining its features Fuck contacts College the many visitors.

But a trail brings one a bit closer, to the "Photography Point", a rocky peninsula jutting out into the lake. A ranger was watching the place perhaps to make sure no one went furthera curly redhead with a ring in one nostril. She had come to Juneau Naughty woman want sex tonight Pittsburgshe said, and was determined to stay.

It took a long trudge to get back Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx bus stop, and we just missed our connection--two buses arriving together in opposite directions.

Some younger and faster hikers who had passed us managed to catch a bus, but we had to wait an hour for the next one, in the company of a young Brit from Portsmouth. On the way Hott we stopped at the ferry offices to ask about a possible excursion to Sitka, but the schedules were all wrong.

Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx Looking For A Man

All in all, a tiring day. We ate quite well at the nearby "Fiddlehead" restaurant, named for the native fiddlehead fern, then watched a bit of TV, keeping an eye for the weather forecast. The weatherman told us how lucky Alaska has been to receive a large rainfall in the preceding 24 hours, helping douse forest fires near Anchorage.

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Tomorrow would be sunny in Fairbanks, cloudy in Anchorage, rainy in Juneau. Around 8 we closed the blinds as well as we could, pretended it was night and went to bed--after all, in Greenbelt it was already midnight.

Auk Nu Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx an enterprise of native Alaskans. It also owns the Mt. Roberts cable car, still being built, and in the morning we watched a helicopter carry cargo up to the top terminal, slung below it by a long cable, like a bird carrying straws to build its nest. Two naturalist-interpreters accompanied the tour: Mary Irvine of the Alaska State Museum, a tall transplanted New Englander who was in charge, Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx in addition also Liana Wallace, a native Alaskan, an exuberant charming young woman who told us that one of her great-uncles was Skookum Jim, one of the three original discoverers of the Klondike strike.

It was her day off, but she decided to come anyway and perhaps improve her own guiding skills a bit. At the boat Lonely women Pearl we found another Alaska native, an older woman who also worked for the company, trying to explain her complex Tlingit genealogy to some visitors.

I soon lost track of her argument--why your cousin may not be a cousin, why a member of the eagle clan may marry a raven but not another eagle, and details even more arcane. Our boat was named the Sit-ku, "among the glaciers", a new large catamaran seating perhaps 80 on its lower deck and 80 on top.

Lunch was included, prepared by Sue Hanke, the captain's wife, and about 30 passengers filed aboard, including the Portsmouth Brit with whom we sat out the rain in a bus stop the day before.

The boat carried plastic crates filled with binoculars, enough for everyone. Before leaving, the captain gave us a preview: Whoever spotted something interesting would give its directions by the clock dial system oclock dead ahead, 3 oclock abeam on the right, and so on. Then we eased out and soon were heading swiftly into the wind. Mary pointed out the gold mines on both sides of the channel, the reason Frt Juneau's existence and for it becoming the state capital: But the owners became too greedy, cut too many of the supports and the water rushed in--luckily, Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx lives were lost.

Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx

For the first few miles we saw occasional houses on the Juneau side, Lonely ladies want nsa Cave City with power lines, linking the town with its hydroelectric plant.

Then the view on the east opened up to show the Taku inletsome 20 miles long, with the giant Taku glacier at its end, 5 miles wide Mary said and advancing. After the Taku inlet, signs of human seniogs Hot naughty seniors i n Fort Yukon Alaska tx that side ended, and instead we could see many bald eagles sitting on trees by the shore, looking out for fish.

The shore had about one eagle nest for each two miles. On the other side, the west side, we were passing Admiralty Islandnamed by Vancouver for his employer. The Tlingit named it Koo-Tsnoo-woo, fortress of the bears.

Most of it is Yukin a national preserve and it still has plenty of bears, about one per square mile. These are generally brown bears, and they weigh pounds, though some go up to