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In the world of online multiplayer every second counts. This language is a mix of slang and abbreviations.

Maybe you are a casual gamer who all of a sudden decided to take online gaming to the next level. Here are some common online gaming Gamer looking for ltr you should know: BRB — Be right back.

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AFK — Away from keyboard. GG — Good game.

Owned — Embarrassed by another player. Trolling — Posting offensive comments to get a reaction, sometimes false statements.

Mod — Modification of a gaming component that alters gameplay. TTYL — Talk to you later. Ownage — Completely owned. BBL — Lookinf back later.

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Beast mode — Dominating the game. Bio — Bathroom break. FTW — For the win. GLHF — Good luck, have fun. IRL — In real life. LFM — Looking for more.

WP — Well played. NPC — Non-player character.

PK — Player kill. ROLF — Rolling on the floor laughing.

ATM — At the moment. OTW — On the way.

TYVM — Thank you very much. GTG — Good to go. Nerf — Something being decreased in power or potency. Buff — Enhance or strengthen something in a multiplayer game.

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Every game has its own specific terms depending on the genre and gameplay itself. Share with us any additional common online gaming terms you use. Download it today for FREE! TheBroTalk Informing you from a unique perspective. Website — Facebook — Instagram — Twitter.

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