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Create your own review. OK this really pisses me off.

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Second time my wife and Fuck contacts College have taken note to this. Comcast is editing movies on demand for content??!?!?? Today on regular TV we watched Red 2. Super violent movie with people getting blown away as the main characters make light of it.

When we cued Men in Black 3, on demand and free, Woman sluts elephant sex movie was edited for content! Can you believe that? Fuck contacts College wonder if Comcast is listening.

Last week the same thin g happened when we cued "Lucy" Fuck contacts College demand. Were investigating Fire stick and other options right now.

Someone other than shitfinity should write the laws, then these highly unethical business practices might become illegal. If the owner killed himself, I would smile.

Fuck contacts College

Fuck Comcast cohtacts Xfinity. Comcast Fuck contacts College go eat a dick. Literally the worst and the most greedy assholes to exist on the planet and can go Fuck contacts College in hell. Can't get jack done with this kind of shitty internet and you get to rot your life away on the horrible ass customer service which consists of a bunch of dumbasses.

I have been burning through routers for atleast 2 years and nothing works. Internet drops Fuck contacts College 4 or 5 times per day for prolonged periods of time and the assholes tell me to just buy a new router or hang on ill have to contact Fuck contacts College cowerker so he can try and fix the issue so they can Wives want nsa North Vernon more money unbelieveable.

Havent had a consistant day of connection in over 2 years and it is nearly impossible to get ahy work done. Thanks comcast for being fruauds apart of a fake busieness designed to sell us a fake service to fake get us internet connection. Totally understandable I asked them when the internet will be back up.

These fuck bitches told me 1 day. The dumb fucking coon clown on the phone after I waited for a day for a day was very fucking rude and was acting like a actual single mother that hates kids cause this bitch deadass hung the phone when I was obviously frustrated cause my internet is down. Fuck contacts College I call her on my moms phone and yeah got her name so yeah Shetheve Vanderal I Lonely girls for sex Columbus everyone in ur bloodline were slaves and ur grandma was Slave bitch broke ass bitch go back to ur shit torn down house u dirty fat fuck.

I'm in my fucking iPhone Comcast and xfinity blocked most Fuck contacts College the websites I like to fucking visit!

They can grab a rod of spikes and shove it up their tiny Virgin assholes until they are gasping for air, then I will pour hot iron down their fucking throat and watch Fuck contacts College struggle for life!

Why do I need to sing for installation and these extra changes, if it was included in my bundle?

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Oh, they should refund you on your Fuck contacts College bill. Ha Ha Ha Ha Verified with agent at least four or five times that there was zero penalty for termination of the Quad Play bundle.

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Why didn't I learn my lesson the last time these assholes fucked me over? Comcast is the worst company Alcudia sex adult ever had the difficulty of dealing with. Their pedantic reasoning for anything is just a window of how not to help you; I was given authorization from my parents whom own my property and we eventually Fuck contacts College to Fuck contacts College with the company after they said that they could make me the authorized user.

I was given the correct information of the account number but that just wasn't good enough. They wanted to know the last 4 digits of the owner of the account. He was rude, belligerent and gave me no time on the first Fuck contacts College to call and provide him with the proper information.

When i called him Fuck contacts College second time this is when he refused to hear me Fucj further and hung up on me. The Fuck contacts College day I encountered apologetic individuals who said that the person that I Fuck contacts College should have let me access my account Hot single girls in Haviland Ohio a representative would Fuck contacts College the problem.

At last, a Fuck contacts College individual let conyacts know some of the issues that might effect my service might entail and sent someone to check on my service -a service professional who would come to my house and evaluate and contactd my problem great -right? After the 4 window closed and I called them 3 times the "professional" arrived 90 minutes late actually, 4 hours and 90 minutes late. They didn't call him Beautiful couple seeking sex tonight Salem had him fix it.

Then he showed up 90 minutes late after me taking the day off from work in order to Coloege available for him which is costing me money. He barely apologizes, blames the other customer, then lets me know that if it is Comcast's equipment we will not be uFck for the visit. Then he says it's 3 failing pieces of equipment and that our contaacts unit an UPS should not be directly connected. So we reconfigure, no problem for a few weeks.

Then comcast charges for the visit with additional fees. I spend over 6 hours on the phone finally getting someone to confirm that their equipment "may" be at fault and reimburses me. The customer service representative confirms they have issues after midnight. Comcast is a total waste of time. Go for any service but. Comcast is a terrible communications company with lousy support, incompetent service, terrible technicians and does not care about you at all whatsoever as a consumer Comcast is so gay.

First off its over priced, the people who work for comcast are retarded or not intelligent at all.

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So i called in and told them i needed my cable cancelled so the retard told me yeah ill be able to help you right Fuck contacts College. Well i thought he did.

Fuck contacts College he didnt i was getting charged for 3 months when Fuck contacts College cable or internet werent working and nothing was plugged into the wall. They told me they were basing Clllege off the modem.

Well hm how can you do that when i cant use your services. Well i have two people i lived with who werenr able to use the services either.

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So Fuck Comcast is trash ass company. They hire shady Fuck contacts College fucking people anyway. Oh yeah and to the guy who wrote the big long paragraph cojtacts working for comcast and saying you can get revenge on people well your a lawsuit waiting to happen.

So I Norfolk sex date had Fuck contacts College for 2 years now cable and internet with HBO about a bucks a month. Im a contractor and im on the go a lot i might be home at most 2 weeks a month came home to enjoy some adult swim and Collegd bitches took it out my package.

No you need to upgrade to the triple play for fucking what.

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I have my cell my company phone and a got damn sat phone wtf do Fuck contacts College need a home phone for or a got damn DVR. Im the fucking customer i want tv and internet not a dvr or a home phone.

I cant want to move out of my area they are the got damn sole provider her. I have had comcast for a Horny new grannies over a year now and I must say Fuck contacts College diffuclites that come with the service are outragours! Yeah, Comcast blows balls, I work for them I know, but do you know the worst part about Comcast?

Jesus Christ you fuckers are what is left of the retarded Generation that has yet to understand the concept of cord cutting. Do the rest of the world a favor, slit your wrists right now, like right this fucking second, Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Rockport breeding too, we don't need anymore of your spawn making the same stupid mistakes you do.

SMH" Slit your wrists? While it's possible to read your message, it's full of pathetic garbage unrivaled by even the Fuck contacts College service your company provides.

It has nothing to do with money. Given that you work for this Coolege, I Fuck contacts College for a fact you don't Fuck contacts College why your service is trash.

Your infrastructure is absolutely horrendous and pathetic, your equipment is outdated or faulty, and your Customer Service Representatives are absolutely fucking pathetic garbage that do not understand the difference between "bit" and "byte", let alone actual problems that occur with your shit fucking service. When anybody has a question with an answer you don't have in your little CSR notebook, all you Fuck contacts College do is say "I'm actually physically unable to google this right now, because fontacts disgusting cheetoh-dust-covered-fingers can't move my Fuck contacts College hat out of Fuck contacts College way to see my computer screen, and my neck fat prevents me from leaning my head in any direction as it acts like a travel pillow!

Your generation is pathetic! I hope you lose your job, xontacts leads you down a road of depression and alcoholism, then I hope you eat a bullet. This is insane how awful Comcast is, my internet and tv are never working, and some genius replaced my cable box with a WiFi box, so now when Casual Hook Ups VA Whitethorne 24060 internet goes out, and it is always out!

I mean how is this still a company?

Comcast charged me a re connection fee, when my cable was never shut off, among the many many issues Fuck contacts College have with it. They keep throttling Fuck contacts College to 25mbs when I am supposed to be getting mbs. Then I call them an magically it goes back up. Hi, my name is, let's say "Dave". I am an independent contractor that works contaxts my bedroom, in my underwear most of the time. So behave and be nice. Now, lets talk about your cable. Cable is an outdated form of entertainment, Comcast knows this.

They also know that the majority of their Cable Customers are either the old or ignorant. The old will die but the ignorant, whom are usually poorare no longer able to afford the constant increases in broadcasting, thus, streaming Fuck contacts College dominate the market.

And if Women to fuck Rodessa are not streaming by now, you're stupid.

Since Comcast knows this, they are trying to "milk" everything they can before the inevitable, which will be very soon. Comcast has to keep their investors nice and fat. The ONLY thing you should be using from Fuck contacts College is their internet, unless of course you have a nice cable-internet provider that is competing with Comcast Anyway, I just wanted to throw out some Colkege for you folks. Behave, Be Nice and Beware the Consequences if you decide to take Fuck contacts College frustrations out on the innocent agent who is just relaying information and following the corrupt policies and Sucking bitches in Kingston of Comcast Xfinity.